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agriturismo diano marina

Azienda Agricola Fontanavia

agriturismo riviera dei fiori

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From November to March, Ligurian countryside come alive. In fact in this period there is the most important moment and at the same time more difficult for the accomplishment of our tastiest oil, the olive harvest.

This moment coincides with the ripening. To produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, olives must be 50% black and 50% still green. This thing favours product quality

The company Fontanavia "produces extra virgin olive oil only with its olives" and this process usually happens between November and December. The fruit is struck with the "Trappe" (chestnut reeds or sticks, 2 m long) and facilitators air. This is a slow, laborious and very expensive method, but has the advantage of maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of fruit, that just fallen into the nets placed around the plant, are placed in perforated crates and transported, at the end of the day, to the oil mill and cold pressed.

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